Tulsa’s Still Hanging Tough

With all the hype about the economy, it is no wonder people are afraid to buy or sell homes.  Although there is no doubt that everything happening on Wall Street affects the real estate market, it is NOT a make-it or break-it event.  Actually, we’re still doing well here in Tulsa.  According to an article entitled “Rise in Home Prices Forecast” in the Tulsa World, “A study predicts Tulsa’s housing market will see a 2.8 percent INCREASE over the next year” (Evatt, 2008).  This predicted increase makes Tulsa the “fifth-strongest market in the nation” (2008).  In that same article, Eric Fox said, “Lately, Tulsa’s been performing well due to economic factors such as its low unemployment rate, its low interest rates and its favorable consumer price index” (2008).  Mike Cotrill, chief operating officer of the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors, said, “We’ve had a consistent increase here” (2008).  So whereas other markets in the nation are suffering drastically, Tulsa is still hanging tough.  Be proud you live in Tulsa, don’t believe everything you hear and see on the news, and go ahead and live out your dreams for a new home! 

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Keller Williams Realty


Evatt, R. (2008, October 30).  Rise in home prices forecast. Tulsa World, p. A3.


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